I take away all of the overwhelm around your bookkeeping to enable you to get your business finances in order and build a successful and profitable business.

I do this by showing you how to set up and manage QuickBooks accounting software.

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The Know Your Numbers Hub

The Know Your Numbers Hub is where you will have access to training, support and help with your QuickBooks software and bookkeeping.

In the hub there will be plenty of focus on your bookkeeping and numbers, so you can get on and build your dream business knowing that your finances are in order.

Access to The Hub is free when you buy your QuickBooks from me. 

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QuickBooks Cloud Accounting Software

QuickBooks simple, smart accounting software saves you time and puts you in control of your business finances.

When you buy your QuickBooks from me, I will show you how you can take charge of your bookkeeping and know your numbers.

You’ll have access to The Know Your Numbers Hub and me, so you can get your QuickBooks set up and running in no time and with ease.

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Bookkeeping Review & Support Call

Book a Bookkeeping Call so we can work through some tasks together.


Book a Bookeeping Review so I can review your accounts and check that everything is where it should be. 

Sometimes you just need a bit of guidance and reassurance.


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About me

The first part of my career was spent working in finance for a large international IT company. When I left the corporate world to start a family, I set-up my freelance bookkeeping business and I have enjoyed working with a variety of clients, from a variety of industries over the years.

Whilst working with my clients, I discovered how rewarding showing them how to prepare and understand their own accounts can be. And so, my bookkeeping training & support business was born.

In my Know Your Numbers Hub, I show small business owners how to take charge of their numbers and build their business with confidence.

When you are supporting a small business, you are supporting a dream ~ let me support your dream

To find out how you can know your numbers and take your business to the next level, click here